Meet the Brazilian Finalist!

13-year-old Davi Vieira Cunha will represent Brazil at the 2023 “Our Generation” competition. He will perform the song “Go, You Can Always Go.”

Davi has been singing and performing with his family and friends since childhood. He loves bosa nova, samba, and Brazilian pop. His favorite songs include “Corcovado” (Tom Jobim), “Photograph” (Ed Sheeran), and “Love Yourself” (Justin Bieber).

Most of Davi’s family hails from Rio. His father is with the Brazilian navy, while his mother is a dentist. Davi’s sister Elena is just 8. Currently Davi’s family lives in Brasilia. The whole family loves to sing, play music, do BBQ with friends, and play football.

Davi is very social, he likes playing the guitar, spending time at the beach, and practicing basketball and football. He hopes to become a famous musician and go around the world, including Russia, of course.