Presenting the Belarussian Finalist!

14-year-old Alina Glyzno is the representative of Belarus at the “Our Generation” competition. She will perform the song “The Voice of Love.”

Alina has been singing from the tender age of 6. She began her career as a vocalist at 9. Alina believes that music has a calming effect and raises everyone’s spirits. She likes lyrical Russian and Belarussian songs with deep meaning.

Alina spends most of her time working on her vocals. She admits that she wants to become a professional artist and perform on the big stage. Alina also trains as an actor.

Alina also loves reading and learning new things. Self-development is a very important part of her life. Alina spends her free time with family and friends.

Alina hopes that all other competitors will remain confident in themselves and will get the most from both the event and the opportunity to visit Russia. This will be Alina’s first trip to Russia. She especially wants to see the Kremlin and other Moscow landmarks.