Just a Few Hours Before the 2023 “Our Generation” Competition Grand Finale

The day that the audiences, fans, delegations, organizers, and the finalists have been waiting for has arrived. Today’s the finals of the “Our Generation” competition. We’re going to learn which song won the hearts of the audience and the jury in a matter of hours.

You can vote for the finalists by visiting Just register and watch all the videos, then vote for at least five finalists. You can also vote for people from your own country. The voting will conclude on November 18, 14:00, Moscow time.

One or two countries with most votes in the popular voting and jury voting will win the competition. The jury includes creatives and artists from all countries. Voting will conclude with the announcement of the two winners (if the results of the two voting sessions are different) or a single winner.

The finals of the “Our Generation” competition will take place on November 18 at the Moscow Concert Hall (“Dream Island” Amusement Park).

13 talented teens and kids are participating in the finals:

1. Idar Kotsev, 12, Russia, “You’re All with Me”

2. Nomuundar Ganzorig, 9, Mongolia, “Dance”

3. Sati Sarkisyan, 14, Armenia, “Armenia, My Love”

4. Tsepan Mpo Monare, 15, South Africa, “South Africa

5. Omina Dzhabborova, 14, Tajikistan, “Love Dialogue”

6. Sherbek Shavkatov, 12, Uzbekistan, “Uzbek Tubeteika”

7. Evangelika Batarshina, 15, Mauritius, “I want to dance”

8. Selin Iskenderova, 9, Azerbaijan, “Bird of Fortune”

9. Emir Abykeev, 11, Kyrgyzstan, “Childhood”

10. Elgiza Karazhanova, 15, Kazakhstan, “1000 Days”

11. Alina Glyzno, 14, Belarus, “The Voice of Love”

12. Davi Cunha Vieira, 13, Brazil, “Go, You Can Always Go”

13. Wang Yichun, 11, China, “Hope in Motion”

Founder of the competition: “Contemporary Art Academy” Creativity Development Center. General partner: TINKOFF BANK. Strategic partner of the competition: “Movement of the First” All-Russian Social & State Movement for Children and Young People. Media partners: NTV and Love Radio. The competition is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.