Souvenir Exchange at “Our Generation”

Today proved to be a particularly generous and heartwarming day for the contestants. In between the rehearsals, the finalists exchanged gifts which they brought from their home countries. Everyone received a souvenir. The contestants carefully selected gifts that would be sure to bring joy to their fellow finalists and the organizers: sweets, handmade jewelry, brightly colored notebooks, flags, fridge magnets, scarves, and so much more.

These last few days were especially busy: rehearsals, shoots, masterclasses, and other events. Yesterday was the dress rehearsal. The finals are right around the corner. Just two more days till November 18! The contestants spend every day together, got to know each other, and talked about their countries as well as their favorite music and hobbies. Everyone wants to win, but the kids do believe that Moscow has already given them the most important gift: the gift of friendship.

Founder of the competition: “Contemporary Art Academy” Creativity Development Center. General partner: TINKOFF BANK. Strategic partner of the competition: “Movement of the First” All-Russian Social & State Movement for Children and Young People. Media partners: NTV and Love Radio. The competition is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.