“Our Generation 2023” Competition Press Conference Held in Moscow

As part of the preparations for the “Our Generation” competition, TASS hosted the press conference of the event. Stella Khachanyants, general producer, Alexander Alimov, director of the Multilateral Humanitarian Cooperation & Cultural Relations Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Alexander Zhuravsky, deputy head of the Directorate for Social Projects of the President of the Russian Federation, Dima Bilan, singer and honored artist of the Russian Federation, Timur Weinstein, NTV general producer, Marat Zakirov, deputy chairman of the “Movement of the First” Board of Directors, took part in the press conference.

Participants noted that preparation for the competition began as early as 2022. A large team has been working on the project, overcoming potential obstacles, and ultimately managed to successfully organize the event. This is partially thanks to the partners who have offered their support to the initiative. Russian minister of foreign affairs Sergey Lavrov personally supports the project. All this was made possible due to the experience and professional renown of the organizers, the richness of the program they suggested, and the fact that the event unites creativity and education.

After highlighting the importance of musical competitions for children, the participants announced that the competition’s opening ceremony is to be held on November 14 as part of the Russia International Exhibition & Forum. The exhibition will take place at VDNH from November 4 till April 12.

Main organizer and founder of the competition: “Contemporary Art Academy” Creativity Development Center. General partner: TINKOFF BANK. Strategic partner of the competition: “Movement of the First” All-Russian Social & State Movement for Children and Young People. Media partners: NTV and Love Radio. The competition is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.