Get to Know the Finalist from Armenia!

14-year-old Sati Sarkisyan will represent Armenia with the song “Armenia, My Love” at the 2023 “Our Generation” competition.

Sati was born in Armenia and is currently enrolled in middle school. Her father is a lawyer, her mother is an economist, and her sister is a doctor. Sati decided to become a singer at a young age. She has been working as a professional vocalist for the last two years. For Sati, music is like a close friend with whom you can share your success, happiness, and sadness, as well as the best way of expressing yourself. Selin’s favorite music styles include Pop, R’n’B, and Jazz.

Selin believes that she doesn’t really need that much to be happy: just her dog, sweets, and the opportunity to travel a lot. Sati loves spending time with her friends, listening to music, and watching movies. Sati dreams of living on other planets. If given the opportunity, she would happily fly to Mars.

Sati never visited Russia, everything she knows about Russia comes from books. But she is eagerly waiting for a chance to rectify that by learning about the history, architecture, and culture of Moscow.